Dark is the night

Dark is the Night (Тёмная ночь, lit. Dark Night) is a famous Russian song associated with the Great Patriotic War. It was originally performed by Mark Bernes in the 1943 war film Two Soldiers.The song was composed by Nikita Bogoslovsky (191, with lyrics by Vladimir Agatov.
Arranged by Massimo Valentini.
saxophone Massimo Valentini, piano by Bruno Venturim, vocal by Daria Obraztsova

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Summer Samba

“Samba de verão” – “Summer Samba”, composers Marcos Valle & Paulo Sergio Valle

“Summer Samba” (also known as “So Nice” or its original Portuguese title, “Samba de Verão”) is a 1964 bossa nova song by Brazilian composer Marcos Valle, with English-language lyrics by Norman Gimbel; the original Portuguese lyrics came from Paulo Sérgio Valle, brother to the composer.

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